Avery Gosfield (USA/I; Early Jewish Music, pipe and tabor)

Moving between the roles of performer, researcher, ensemble director, arranger and pedagogue, she has recorded for dozens of European radio channels, performed in most of the major early and Jewish music festivals of Europe and North America, given lectures in conferences at universities across Europe and North America (Oxford, Uppsala, Antwerp, University of Pennsylvania etc.) and taught master classes on five continents at institutions such as the Royaumont Foundation, the Early Music Center of the Geneva Conservatory, Yiddish Summer Weimar, KlezKanada, and the International Pipe and Tabor Conference.

As co-director of Lucidarium, together with Francis Biggi, and as a soloist (on recorder and pipe and tabor) she has performed thousands of concerts and recorded six awardwinning CDs devoted to little-known and previously unrecorded medieval and Renaissance repertoires. In 2004, a chance discovery of some Jewish-Italian sung poetry allowed her to conjugate her roots with her passion for early music. She has also been commissioned to develop pedagogic programs designed to introduce children and adolescents to early and traditional music by La Maîtrise de Paris, the Royaumont Foundation, Seattle Historical Arts for Kids, the Department of Music of Geneva and the Departments of Education of the Val d’Oise and City of Geneva. 


Foto: Emmanuel Matthez