Dance Ball
With Live Music by the YSW Dance Orchestra
Aug 12 Fri 8 p.m. @Notenbank Weimar
Admission: 19.50 € / 10.50 €
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The culmination of this year's five-week long Yiddish Summer Weimar is the final Dance Ball, in the meantime a tradition in its own right! Come dance with us at Weimar's newest venue, the Notenbank! You'll be joined by dozens of students from this year's Dance Workshop and the Yiddish Weimar Dance Orchestra with its more than 30 musicians playing live music for both Yiddish dances and dances from related European traditions. Five excellent dance masters will be on hand, too: Steve Weintraub (USA), Erik Bendix (USA), Andreas Schmitges (D), and Artists-in-Residents Hélène (Khayele) Domergue-Zilberberg (F) and Sara Meyerson (USA) will lead you through the easy-to-learn dances. For many residents of Weimar and visitors to the city alike, this final Dance Ball is the highlight of the year. Where can you find a group of dance masters like these and a dance orchestra of this size and quality that has been preparing for this evening for a whole week? Nowhere other than Yiddish Summer! So join us - we look forward to greeting you!