Festival Week August 1–6
@OMA, mon ami, Musikschule and other locations in Weimar at various times

This year’s festival week holds in store for you lots of exciting daytime and evening events.  Whether you're a long-time friend of Yiddish Summer or first-time visitor, you can try something different every day: There are two world premières – the experimental New Yiddish Theater piece Bobe Mayses and the New Yiddish Dance project GILGUL – created and presented for the first time in Weimar. You’ll also find hands-on, Mini-Workshops for practically every interest and age-group, as well as a Yiddish cooking class, nightly concerts with world-class performers, Meet the Artist sessions, a 5-day klezmer band workshop for teenagers, a lecture series, a children's program, and much, much more. Check out the whole program by clicking on the links.