Youth Klezmer Band
5 – day Workshop
Aug 1 – 5, 1 – 4:30 p.m. @Musikschule
For ages 10 – 16
With Georg Brinkmann

Playing in a band is one of the coolest experiences a musician can have. Each player does his or her own thing, but everybody is part of a team that makes a special sound. In a klezmer band, you start with some great melodies, harmonies and rhythms, and take it from there.

Klezmer is Yiddish (Eastern European Jewish) party music! We start with cool melodies, put harmonies and rhythms to them, then we keep going until everybody wants to dance.

This Youth Klezmer Band is led by clarinetist and vocalist Georg Brinkmann, who has travelled around the globe from Australia to New York to teach and perform Yiddish music.

So if you're between 10 and 16 years old, you play an instrument (any instrument) and you're ready to dive into a new musical world, the Youth Klezmer Band is for you. If you're slightly younger or older but you'd like to join, please write to Georg Brinkmann at and talk it over first.

Workshop fee: 75 €
We regret that we can’t offer discounts for this workshop.
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