Hélène (Khayele) Domergue-Zilberberg (France; dance)

Khayele was born in Paris to Polish parents and is a native Yiddish speaker. After many years of involvement with French and international folk dance, within the past 12 years she has emerged as a leading teacher of Ashkenazic dance in Europe. She has taught for the Jewish Communities of several places in France (St Etienne, Roanne, Montpellier, Paris), Switzerland (Geneva), Belgium, at Klezfest London, and Klezkanada. She also leads the dance workshop during the klezmer cruise between Kiev and Odessa.
She has assisted Michael Alpert, Zev Feldman, Steve Weintraub, Andreas Schmitges, and Erik Bendix at Yiddish Summer Weimar.
She is considered one of the finest exponents of Yiddish dance, most particularly women's dance style and has performed in the Ashkenazi wedding dance choreography, with the klezmer ensemble "Khevrisa" in New York (92 street Y) and Prague Klezmer Festival.

Photo: Axel Clemens