Michael Wex (CND; author, storytelling)

is author of three books on Yiddish, including the bestselling Born to Kvetch. He has taught the language at the University of Toronto and the University of Michigan and is a mainstay of the contemporary Yiddish scene. A native-speaker whose Yiddish songs have been recorded by such bands as the Grammy-winning Klezmatics, he has translated material ranging from classical Yiddish literature to testimony for war crimes trials.
He has also translated The Threepenny Opera from German into Yiddish.

His next book, Rhapsody in Schmaltz, a study of Ashkenazi food that does for Yiddish food what Born to Kvetch did for Yiddish speech, will be published in April 2016 by St. Martin’s Press. He can be visited online at www.michaelwex.com or at https://www.facebook.com/Michael-Wex-110374929551/

Photo: Zoe Gemelli