Rosza Daniel Lang/Levitsky (USA; Designer, Puppeteer)

is a cultural worker and organizer, working in a wide range of puppetry, movement, and spectacle performance forms since the 1990s. Can’t stop picking things up on the street and making other things out of them – outfits, collectives, cabarets, barricades, meals… Never figured out how to make art for art’s sake; rarely wants to work alone. Third-generation radical; second-generation dyke: just another oysterlish gendertreyf apikoyrus mischling diasporist four-eyed fem who identifies with, not as.

Ongoing performance projects include: The Aftselokhes Spectacle Committee, a decade-old intergenerational, mixed-ability theater collective creating an annual Purimshpil extravaganza; JUST LIKE THAT, a militant research project on embodied knowledge and the choreography of social movements; Critical Reperformance, a series reimagining classic performance scores (from Schneemann to Warhol to Abramović/Ulay); & koyt far dayn fardakht [the filth of your suspicion], a punk band playing the Yiddish anarchist and Bundist repertoire.
Presently working with Jews For Racial & Economic Justice (in struggles against policing, Islamophobia, and gentrification); Red Umbrella Project (in support of sex workers' self-determination); Jewish Voice for Peace's Cultural Workers & Artists Council (Palestine solidarity on the cultural front); & the Rude Mechanical Orchestra's Tactical Spectacle dance squad (musical support for social justice movements).

Portrait drawing: Noah Church