Szilvia Csaranko (D/H; piano, accordion)

born in Budapest, raised in Germany, comes from a family of Hungarian musicians, began training to be a classical pianist at the age of 6. At the University of Hildesheim she studied aesthetic practices and applied cultural studies. While searching for her musical roots through an intensive exploration of East European folk music and klezmer music, she discovered her love for the accordion. She lives in Hannover and works as a successful freelance musician in a variety of ensembles and projects throughout Germany and Europe, for example, with A Glezele Vayn, Rumeynishe Fantasien with Johannes Paul Gräßer, Alpenklezmer with Andrea Pancur and Kallaton, to mention just a few of her current projects. She is also active as a theater musician, workshop teacher and music arranger. A pianist and accordionist fluent in many styles, her artistic focus is above all the research and transmission of traditional folk music styles and their connection with free improvisation. She has been a faithful proponent of Yiddish Summer since 2008.

Photo: Adam Berry