Helen (Khayele) Beer (GB; Yiddish language)

is the BenZion Margulies Lecturer in Yiddish at University College London (UCL). She is a native Yiddish speaker born in Australia who has been teaching Yiddish since the age of 17.
At UCL she teaches Yiddish Language (all levels) and Literature as well as courses in Yiddish Folk Culture, Yiddish for Historians, Yiddish Memoirs.
She has taught/lectured in Oxford, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Bucharest, Prague. She is the Director of the annual Yiddish summer course in London: Ot Azoy.
Her research interests include Yiddish literature in interwar Poland, Romania, Yiddish song, oral histories. She is currently working on a book for students based on oral histories in Yiddish. She has also worked on Yiddish song and theatre projects (which she loves)!